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Why Looplight?

Our primary goal is to fully satisfy our customers; this sentence may seem like a cliché at first glance. But, we mean it in Looplight. First of all, you should know that all the Loopight products use Wireless technology. This means that these products are very long-lasting and reliable. This technology is one of the latest products in the lighting industry. It should be noted that pure copper circuits resulted in high-quality products and optical efficiency. In fact, these products are built to last forever! Multi-year product guarantees ensure the quality of the products. In addition, if you have any questions in these cases, the company’s public relations and active agencies are always available to answer you.

Our second goal is to cover the different tastes of our customers and architects. If you are an architect, you can create unique colorful designs with a great variety of colors. Looplight tries to provide a wide range of colors to meet your needs. Just take a look at our products .;)

But our third goal is the ease of installation and use! Movable pulleys are designed and manufactured for products that solve the problem of opening the strip tapes when measuring and using it and bring a comfortable and different experience for colleagues and installers.

In sum, it is Looplight’s pleasure to bring reliable, comfortable and economical products to our customers, architects and colleagues.

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Lighting in Loop light style


Our company produces LED wires on a flexible basis. The produced light has different light intensity and different light angles. There is also a controlled system that makes it easy to achieve different angles of light, flash, lightwave and color change. Click on the loop light to learn more about our company.

Because lighting is important!


Discover our products, these products help you to design unique architectural projects. Click here to display products.